We can Route into any type of timber from pine, hardwood, Cyprus to more exotic timbers like spotted gum or mountain ash, you may even be able to provide you own special piece of timber for us to use. We can paint the letters and clear lacquer the timber to lock in the timber colour […]

We have just Installed the new CWT Worktable which has increased our production efficiency by 70% – 80%. This table allows us to “roll” Vinyl Prints on Substrates which was sometimes a 2 – 3 person Job.

All of our Welding is done inhouse using high grade Aluminium which is lightweight and does not rust using the latest UniMIG Welder ensuring a high quality finish.

We have Just installed another Roland Printer, in fact we have 3 of these inhouse now to ensure you job is completed on time every time. This latest printer is very fast and can accurately output the colours you desire.

We have just installed a New Konica Minolta to allow us to Print Full Colour Labels on A3 / A4 Pre Cut Stock. We have thousands of sizes available. Jobs can be turned around within 24hours with a High Quality Output.

With our Miller Weldmaster PVC Welding machine, we are able to finish all of the edges of Printed Banners inhouse decreasing the turnaround time and ensuring the quality of the product. With our Banner Welder it can finish edges Flat, weld ropes / Kedar Edge or finish any sides with Pockets.

Our Multicam can cut timber, acp panel, aluminum and acrylic up to 2400 x 1200. We can also engrave into timber, brass & aluminium and twoplex plastic.

Our Agfa Anapauna Printed can print direct to substrates up to 80mm in thickness. With the UV Cure function there is no waiting for the Ink to dry which means a faster turnaround for you!